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Joining/Switching Advisor Labs

When you join ASDRP, you select your advisor preferences. If you’re satisfied with your choices and wish to join any of your chosen advisors, no further action is required. We’ll do our best to accommodate your preferences.


Walk-through Video

Short 4-minute video explaining the full process and Advisor Request Form

Advisor Request Form

Are you  a current student switching labs or a new student who wants to join a specific advisor’s lab?
Fill out this form

Labs Accepting Students

Check out the ASDRP Lab Availability sheet to see what labs are accepting submissions to join their labs


General Information

  1. Who should fill out the form: If you’re a current student wishing to switch labs, or a new student wanting to join a specific advisor’s lab, please fill out the form. Note that filling out this form doesn’t guarantee entry, but it allows you to stand out by directly requesting to join an advisor’s lab. 

  2. Accessing the Form: The form is available through this student portal at and an email titled “Requesting to join an Advisor Lab” sent to your ASDRP account. You must use this account to fill out the form. If you don’t have an ASDRP account, please contact

  3. Form Submission Limit: Please note that you can only fill out the form three times. We expect most researchers to submit requests to one or two desired advisors. Avoid making multiple requests to the same advisor.

  4. Check if the lab is open for submissions: Before submitting your request, please check the ASDRP Lab Availability sheet to see which advisor labs are currently open for submissions. Submissions to closed labs will be ignored.

  5. Adding Your CV: If the advisor requires it, or if you wish, you can add your curriculum vitae link to this section. Remember to change the accessibility settings.

  6. Choosing a lab: If you’re interested in a particular field but unsure which advisor to join, visit to check out our research departments and advisors.

  7. Switching labs: If you decide to transition from your current lab, it’s important to maintain open and respectful communication. Please inform your advisor about your decision in a timely manner. This not only ensures a smooth transition for you and your advisor, but also upholds the collaborative and respectful spirit of research at ASDRP.

  8. Multiple requests/submissions: If you make multiple submissions and more than one advisor accepts you into their lab, you must decide which lab you will join. Communicate your decision within 24 hours to and all advisors involved.

We hope this information helps you navigate the process of joining an advisor lab at ASDRP. Best of luck!

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