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Piles of Paper

Original research at ASDRP is disseminated in the form of peer-reviewed publications in various journals.  All publications have one or multiple high school co-authors. Check out the list below for a glimpse of the publication track at ASDRP.

Publications | 2021

  1. Wu, Jeslyn; Luk, Charissa; Zhou, Catherine; Shah, Aashi; Yuvaraj, Aishwarya; Njoo, E.S. "Design and in silico screening of analogs of rilpivirine as novel non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NNRTIs) for antiretroviral therapy." Journal of Emerging Investigators, manuscript accepted, 2021. [Preprint PDF]

  2. Su, Sarah; Sri Indran, Karthikha; Pal, Sohie; Le, Emma; Regan, Anika; Jain, Meher; Shah, Aashi; Iglesias, David; Wang, Andrew; Njoo, E.S. "Comparative singlet oxygen photosensitizer efficiency of berberine, rose bengal, and methylene blue by time course nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) monitoring of a photochemical 4+2 cycloaddition endoperoxide formation." manuscript submitted, [Preprint PDF]

  3. Khow, Kimberly; Nair, Ria; Chari, Sadhana; Xie, Katherine; Kale, Isha; Mikhail, Nardeen. "Detection and control of spoilage fungi in refrigerated vegetables and fruits." Journal of Emerging Investigators, manuscript accepted, 2021.

  4. Suresh, Rohit; Garg, Vivek; Kamdar, Yash; Kalathoti, Angelina; Renganathan, Gayathri. "Evaluation of Improved and Current Vanillin Based Colorimetric Quantification Methods of Triterpenoids," manuscript submitted. [Preprint PDF]

Publications | 2020

  1. Sun, Stephanie; Hamid, Saira; Su, Sarah; Su, Andrew; Ashok, Bhavesh; Simrun; Njoo, Edward "Strain-specific and photochemically-activated antimicrobial activity of berberine and two berberine analogs." Journal of Emerging Investigators 2020, [Article PDF] [Full Article Link]

  2. Sun, Stephanie; Su, Andrew; Sakhrani, Simrun; Ashok, Bhavesh; Su, Sarah; Rajamanickam, Sarada; Njoo, E.S. "Comparative screening of dose-dependent and strain-specific antimicrobial efficacy of berberine against a representative library of broad spectrum antibiotics." Journal of Emerging Investigators 2020, ASAP. [Preprint PDF]

  3. Surapaneni, Anvi; Surapaneni, Atri; Wu, Jeslyn; Bajaj, Ayush; Reyes, Katrina Mae; Adwankar, Rohan; Vittaladevuni, Ananya; Njoo, E.S. "Kinetic monitoring and Fourier-Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy of the green oxidation of (-)-menthol to (-)-menthone." Journal of Emerging Investigators 2020, ASAP. [Link] [Full Article]

  4. Surapaneni, Anvi; Surapaneni, Atri; Adwankar, Rohan; Wu, Jeslyn; Reyes, Katrina Mae; Vittaladevuni, Ananya; Njoo, E.S. "A Review of Non-Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors’ Structure and Activity with HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase." Young Scientists Journal 2020, [Full Article Link]

  5. Rajasekhar, Anushka; Khandepekar, Simone; Raghavan, Shloka; Suresh, S. "DNA Analysis of the Sucrose Synthase Enzyme in Genetically Modified and Heirloom Pisum sativum." Young Scientists Journal 2020, [Full Article Link]

  6. Sun, Stephanie; Anand, Kavya; Ashok, Ishani; Ashok, Bhavesh; Bajaj, Ayush; Beldona, Varsha; Chattopadhyay, Kushal; Kwan, Audrey; Mageswaran, Karankumar; Surapaneni, Anvi; Surapaneni, Atri; Verma, Pranjal; Chen, Allen; Kolala, Ria; Liang, Andrew; Poosarla, Ayeeshi; Premnath, Krithikaa; Sri Indran, Karthikha; Wu, Jeslyn; Yuvaraj, Aishwarya; Raj, Harsha; Sathish, Tanish; Shah, Aashi; Su, Sarah; Tran, Kara; Njoo, E.S. "Reactivity-guided de novo molecular design and high throughput virtual screening of a targeted library of peptidomimetic compounds reveals charge-based structure-activity
    relationship of potential covalent inhibitors of the main protease of SARS-CoV-2." Journal of Student Research 2020, 9(2), 1082. https://doi.org/10.47611/jsrhs.v9i2.1082
    [Full Article Link] [Article PDF]

  7. Shrivastava, Anoushka; Downing, R.A. "A Quantitative Study of the Voynich Manuscript through the Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test." manuscript in review, [Preprint PDF]

  8. Chang, Warren; Rajaram, Vigasini; Yallapali, Harshith; Dong, Arielle; Huang, Kimberly; Valiveru, Anirudh; Njoo, E.S. "Rational design, combinatorial synthesis, and antimicrobial activity of novel biaryl imines and amines as potential competitive inhibitors of dihydropteroate synthase." manuscript submitted. [Preprint PDF]

  9. Sun, Stephanie; Ashok, Bhavesh; Su, Andrew; Hamid, Saira; Sri Indran, Karthikha; Shah, Aashi; Su, Sarah; Sakhrani, Simrun; Njoo, E.S. "Computational structure-activity relationship (SAR) of berberine analogs reveals both position- and target-dependence in double stranded and G-quadruplex DNA binding." Journal of Emerging Investigators 2020, manuscript accepted, [Article PDF]

  10. Shrivastava, Anoushka; Kainth, Krrish; Yin, Bowen; Joshi, Mihir; Mehta, Sahil; Patel, Shervil; Shah, Rishabh; Sekar, Mythri; Downing, R.A. "An Application of Data Mining And Frequency Analyses to Determine Source Languages of the Voynich Manuscript" 2019, Academia.edu preprint [Full Article Link]

  11. Shern, Tyler; Rai, Ansh; Premanth, Krithikaa; Kolala, Ria; Ashok, Ishani; Kwan, Audrey; Njoo, E.S. "High-throughput virtual screening of novel dihydropyrimidine monastrol analogs reveals robust structure-activity relationship to kinesin Eg5 binding thermodynamics." Journal of Emerging Investigators 2020, manuscript accepted, [Preprint PDF]

  12. Premnath, Krithikaa; Kolala, Ria; Shern, Tyler; Rai, Ansh; Ashok, Ishani; Kwan, Audrey; Njoo, E.S. "Monastrol and Dihydropyrimidines: The Future of Small Molecule Kinesin Eg5 Inhibitors," manuscript in review, [Preprint PDF]

  13. Chen, Allen; Poosarla, Ayeeshi; Liang, Andrew; Njoo, E.S. "Tracking Enzymatic Hydrolysis of an Amide Bond Using Highly Simplified 4-nitroanilide Colorimetric Substrates." National High School Journal of Science 2020 ASAP, [Preprint PDF]

  14. Vitalladevuni, Ananya; Mukkamala, Ishya; Das, Saahil; Suresh, S. "In silico development of a novel DNA-directed interfering RNA fragment to treat SARS-CoV-2." in progress, [Preprint PDF]

  15. Biddala, Geethika Reddy; Mandava, Neha; Makhija, Aarya; Liu, Edison; Suresh, S. "Effect of differential growth conditions and environmental stress factors in reactive oxygen species (ROS) generation and polyphenol biosynthesis in Salvia Rosmarinus." [Preprint PDF]

  16. Chen, Allen; Poosarla, Ayeeshi; Mageswaran, Karan; Rajasekhar, Anushka; Fu, Brian; Liang, Andrew; Tran, Kara; Njoo, E.S. "Spectroscopic Kinetic Monitoring and Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Biocatalytic Ester Hydrolysis in Non-Aqueous Solvent." Journal of Emerging Investigators 2020, ASAP [Article PDF]

  17. Ashok, Bhavesh; Bajaj, Ayush; Adwankar, Rohan; Surapaneni, Atri; Surapaneni, Anvi; Chen, Allen; Sun, Stephanie; Chattopadhyay, Kushal; Wu, Jeslyn; Liang, Andrew; Poosarla, Ayeeshi; Mageswaran, Karankumar; Rao, Isha; Kharshingher, Sania; Booma, Sushruth; Njoo, E.S.; Downing, R.A. "Pharmacophore-based screening and identification of molecular level descriptors applied to non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NNRTIs)" manuscript in review, [Preprint PDF]

  18. Kwan, Audrey; Yuvaraj, Aishwarya; Raghavan, Shloka; Shern, Tyler; Rai, Ansh; Premnath, Krithikaa; Kolala, Ria; Ashok, Ishani; Njoo, E.S. "Computational sequence analysis and binding pocket homology modeling of kinesin-like proteins in model organisms provides insight into structural basis of the differential binding of the allosteric inhibitor monastrol." National High School Journal of Science 2020, ASAP, [Preprint PDF]

  19. Chen, Allen; Fu, Brian; Liang, Andrew; Mageswaran, Karankumar; Poosarla, Ayeeshi; Njoo, E.S. "β-Lactam Antibiotics: The Past, Present, and Future." manuscript in review, [Preprint PDF]

  20. Garg, Ananya; Jana, Pranava; Rai, Soumya; Wu, Jeslyn; Dantara, Hiral. "Analysis of Packaged Milk Quality Using Coliforms as Indicators" National High School Journal of Science 2020, [Link]

  21. Sun, Stephanie; Su, Andrew, Rajamanickam, Sarada; Njoo, E.S. "The Chemistry and Biological Activity of Berberine and Related Analogs." manuscript in review, [Preprint PDF]

Recent Publications

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