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The Aspiring Scholars Directed Research Program (ASDRP) is a nonprofit, private research institution in Fremont, California. ASDRP is the Bay Area's premier precollegiate research & development institution, run by a consortium of highly skilled scientists, engineers, and researchers with years of academic and industry experience who collectively seek to push forward the current frontiers in biology, chemistry, physics, computer science, psychology, medicine, engineering, and more. Meet our leadership team and some of our faculty members here. 


We mentor high school students - budding scientists in 9th through 12th grade - who come from every corner of the greater Bay Area, California, and across the United States. Students in 9th-12th grade who are interested in performing research at ASDRP must apply at this link. ASDRP performs research year-round, but prospective applicants must apply before the posted deadlines. Please see the "Applications" page for deadlines. Applications are competitive, but we aren't necessarily looking for simply "straight-A's" or a particular grade point average. We seek student researchers who are passionate, who are unafraid of a steep learning curve, and who want to be involved in real science that has real impact on society. 



Quite simply, we do research. Research at ASDRP is divided into three Departments - Biological, Human, and Life Sciences; Chemistry, Biochemistry & Physics; and Computer Science & Engineering. Our investigators and student researchers strive to cause impact in fields ranging from cancer biology, drug discovery, and computer-guided drug design to radioastronomy, machine learning, psychology, and urban sustainability. 


Our scientists are involved in developing novel therapies against cancer, using data science to understand the impact of climate change on society, synthesizing the next generation of antibiotics, developing machine learning platforms for drug discovery, understanding mechanisms of memory acquisition, probing the universe for ultrafast radio burst signals, and much, much more. Read more about our research here. 

As in any other R&D establishment, we publish papers, present work at conferences, and generate intellectual property. Check out some of our latest preprints, publications, and conference proceedings here. 

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Spring 2023 Ongoing Events


7:00-8:30 PM

Beginning on Tuesday, January 17, 2023 and held every week, senior researchers in each department at ASDRP give public seminars presenting the current state of the field and disseminating how their research at ASDRP fits into the broader context of the frontiers of modern science and engineering. Colloquia are public events, and anyone can join.

Spring 2023 Dates - Every Tuesday
- Jan 17 - Advisor Open House
- Jan 24
- Jan 31
- Feb 7
- Feb 14
- Feb 21
- Feb 28
- Mar 7
- Mar 14
- Mar 21
- Mar 28
- Apr 4
- Apr 11
- Apr 18
- Apr 25
- May 2
- May 9
- May 16
- May 23
- May 30


6:30-7:15 PM



Beginning on Wednesday, January 25, 2023 and held every other Wednesday, the ASDRP Parent Fireside Chat is our way of keeping you informed, providing updates, and helping you and your researcher get acclimated to everything ASDRP. Check your email for the zoom link and topics for the meets.

Spring 2023 - Wednesdays (Bi-weekly)
- Jan 25
- Feb 8
- Feb 22
- Mar 8
- Mar 22
- Apr 5
- Apr 19
- May 3
- May 17

10:00-11:00 AM



Held once a month, ASDRP Saturday Seminars provide you with knowledge, skill, and tools to make you a well-rounded, productive, and successful researcher. Check your email for the zoom link and topics we will cover during the Saturday Seminars.

2023 Dates
- Jan 28
- Feb 18
- Mar 18
- Apr 15
- May 20

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