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Research Departments

Sea Sponges

Biological, Human, & Life Sciences

Department Chair: Dr. John Wang

The Biology Department encompasses research in a variety of life science disciplines, including molecular & cell biology, genetics, microbiology, biochemistry, ecology, environmental science, evolution, biotechnology, and psychology.

Test Tubes

Chemistry, Biochemistry, & Physical Science 

Department Chair: Dr. Edward Njoo

The Chemistry Department includes research in organic/medicinal, inorganic, physical, and biochemistry, as well as condensed matter physics, theoretical physics, and materials science and engineering.


Computer Science and Engineering

Department Chair: Dr. Larry McMahan

The CS/Engineering Department includes research faculty in machine learning, data science, theoretical modeling, software/hardware engineering, quantum mechanics, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering.

Research Publishing

Striving for Excellence

First, ASDRP student researchers present their work at a poster session, exhibited before a panel of professional judges, and then publish a research paper in our online journal, ASDRP Communications


Further, many ASDRP student researchers are able to work with their mentors to submit their research to science fairs and peer-reviewed journals for publication. In fact, over 15 research papers from ASDRP 2022 students have been submitted for publication in undergraduate/high school level research journals. Multiple groups also presented posters at undergraduate research conferences. Such visible evidence of scholarly achievement provide students competitive advantages in matriculation to their choice of an institution of higher learning.

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