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Structure-activity relationship of berberine and G4 DNA reveals aromaticity’s effect on binding affinity

Raman, Sankrith; Tailor, Isha; Kallahalla, Smriti; Cheung, Stephanie; Poon, Chloe; Parashar, Vivek, Brah, Harman.

Journal of Emerging Investigators 2023, online. [Full Article Link] [Article PDF]

Predicting the Instance of Breast Cancer within Patients using a Convolutional Neural Network.

Adhikesaven, Sanjay; Kapoor, Aradhya; Khowaja, Ali; Li, Vivian; Sabhanayakam, Karthik; McMahan, Larry.  

J. Emerging Investigators 2022, online. [Full Article Link] [Article PDF] 


Design and in silico screening of analogs of rilpivirine as novel non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NNRTIs) for antiretroviral therapy

Wu, Jeslyn; Luk, Charissa; Zhou, Catherine; Shah, Aashi; Yuvaraj, Aishwarya; Njoo, E.S.

Journal of Emerging Investigators 2021,  [Article Link] [Full Text PDF]


Strain-specific and photochemically-activated antimicrobial activity of berberine and two analogs

Sun, Stephanie; Hamid, Saira; Su, Sarah; Su, Andrew; Ashok, Bhavesh; Njoo, E.S. "Strain-specific and photochemically-activated antimicrobial activity of berberine and two analogs"

Journal of Emerging Investigators 2020 [Original Research] [Link to Full Article]

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Kinetic Monitoring and Fourier-Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectroscopy of the Green Oxidation of (-)-Menthol to (-)-Menthone

Surapaneni, Anvi; Surapaneni, Atri; Wu, Jeslyn; Bajaj, Ayush; Reyes, Katrina M.; Adwankar, Rohan; Vittaladevuni, Ananya; Njoo, E.S.

 Journal of Emerging Investigators 2020 [Original Research] [Link to full article]


Haque, A., Kukal, A., Rao, Y., Cho, D., & Rao, K. (2021)

Journal of Student Research, 10(1).

[Full Article Link] [Article PDF]


A Computational Analysis on Nicotine Withdrawal and Cardiac Arrhythmia and Their Effects on COVID-19

Reactivity-guided de novo molecular design and high throughput virtual screening of a targeted library of peptidomimetic compounds reveals charge-based structure-activity relationship of potential covalent inhibitors of the main protease of SARS-CoV-2.

Sun, Stephanie; Anand, Kavya; Ashok, Ishani; Ashok, Bhavesh; Bajaj, Ayush; Beldona, Varsha; Chattopadhyay, Kushal; Kwan, Audrey; Mageswaran, Karankumar; Surapaneni, Anvi; Surapaneni, Atri; Verma, Pranjal; Chen, Allen; Kolala, Ria; Liang, Andrew; Poosarla, Ayeeshi; Premnath, Krithikaa; Sri Indran, Karthikha; Wu, Jeslyn; Yuvaraj, Aishwarya; Raj, Harsha; Sathish, Tanish; Shah, Aashi; Su, Sarah; Tran, Kara; Njoo, E.S. 

Journal of Student Research 2020, 9(2), 1082. 

[Full Article Link] [Article PDF]

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A Review of Non-Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors’ Structure and Activity with HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase

Surapaneni, Anvi; Surapaneni, Atri; Vittaladevuni, Ananya; Adwankar, Rohan; Njoo, E.S.

Young Scientists Journal 2020 [Review Paper]


DNA Analysis of the Sucrose Synthase Enzyme in Genetically Modified and Heirloom Pisum sativum

Rajasekhar, Anushka; Khandepekar, Simone; Raghavan, Shloka; Suresh, S.

Young Scientists Journal 2020 [Original Research]

[Link to full article]

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