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Amulya Bhargava Harish

Sahar Jahanikia

Started research at ASDRP in the summer of 2020 under Carly Truong. Worked on project to use curcumin to inhibit the formation of alpha-synuclein plaques in E. Coli and C. Elegans. Transferred to the Jahanikia Neuro Lab in the fall of 2021. Worked on project to study the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the cognitive dissonance of adolescence. Helped produced a manuscript that is currently being sent to journals and submitted a research abstract to the Japanese Neuroscience Society’s 2023 conference with the Jahanikia Neuro Lab.

University of Southern California

Anthropology/Computational Neuroscience

Amulya Bhargava Harish
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