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Shloka Raghavan

Edward Njoo

I started my research at ASDRP in a psychology group where we performed a meta-analysis on different treatments for adolescents with depression. I then transferred to a biology group where we analyzed the DNA of the sucrose synthase enzyme in genetically modified and heirloom peas. After joining Edward’s group the following semester, I started by researching the effects of polyphenols for neurodegenerative diseases via in-silico testing as well as focusing on an in-silico study of kinesin-like proteins in model organisms. Later that year, I joined several other groups where we investigated the effects of synthetic plant hormones on plant metabolites and worked on an in-silico study of a library of carmofur analogs as potential inhibitors of the SARS-CoV-2 main protease. Then I started primarily working within the chemical neuroscience subgroup, where we explored the synthesis and biological activity of novel neuroactive alkaloids. Throughout my time in Edward’s group, I have been able to co-author several papers and present at conferences such as CSUCI, SCCUR, and ACS.

UC Riverside & Boston University


Shloka Raghavan
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