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You are cordially invited to the Summer 2021 ASDRP Research Symposium and Expo!


Download Full Schedule and Abstract Submissions



Saturday, August 21, 2021 @ 10:00am-1:00pm (PDT)



Zoom Online with Breakout Meeting rooms for poster presentation

Meeting ID and Passcode will be sent to all researchers via email

Who can come?


All interested persons are invited! The Virtual Symposium expo will feature 600 student researchers and over 80 research projects. 

​What will it be like?


The 2021 ASDRP Summer Research Symposium and Expo showcases some of the original scientific findings of 600 high school students, who conducted research across 80+ projects in a wide array of STEM fields. Students come from throughout Bay Area, across the U.S., and internationally! The Symposium features students presenting the research they completed throughout the Summer during their participation in ASDRP. 

Why is it valuable to the student researchers?


The Symposium showcases the students’ novel results to their peers, parents, community, and friends. Importantly, these scientific projects conducted by students are original research with cutting edge results, completed on $3M+ worth of research equipment with highly qualified research mentors, and are not traditional “science lab” projects whose results are known a priori. This event is a premier opportunity for high school students to be exposed to genuine research, scholarship, peer review, scientific reading and writing, and scientific presentation at a young age before college. At the completion of the Symposium, the students will be able to leverage their own published works in demonstrating their competitive advantage as they prepare to matriculate to college! We invite you to join us in the beginning of a wonderful journey for these young scientists! Please come, view research posters, ask the students questions, listen to oral presentations, support these great kids, celebrate their accomplishments, and have fun!

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